Thursday, May 21, 2009


I talked to you about emergence as a way of understanding the universe as a possible form of higher organization. Can one see the universe as emergent? I'll come back to this soon. Here is another interesting site.
I our last discussion the word “experience” was tossed around. Should I abstain from a possible experience out of fear? Aristotle would say “certainly”. Fear has a good side: it can become a filter for potentially harmful experiences. It’s true that too much fear leads to paralysis, no fear to fearlessness. But developing the right amount of fear can inform my decisions. One may add, how do I know if I don’t experience it to begin with? Well, I have the capacity to “understand” a given experience without actually experiencing it (just as much as I can empathize with the suffering of a woman that has been raped, or my wife’s breastfeeding or with my daughter’s sadness though I’m not a woman). I don’t have to get drunk to understand the harm it inflicts to the body.