Tuesday, August 27, 2013

let's get to know some of the gods

One of the principal Vedic deities was Indra, the god of war and thunder; nearly one quarter of the Vedic hymns are dedicated to him. A great warrior, a symbol of courage and strength. Gossip: Indra is as quick as the wind and carries a hook, sword, conch, noose, a rainbow and the much feared magic weapon Vaijra. His kingdom is situated near Mt. Meru and Indra's love for Soma is legendary.

Varuna, the sky god who maintains cosmic order and protects moral action. He is shown as a fair-complexioned man riding a monster fish called Makara, which has the head and legs of an antelope. He may have two to four hands and in one of his right hands he carries a noose. 

Mitra, the sun god who stimulates life and brings prosperity. Sometimes Mitra & Varuna are combined into one god: Mitra/Varuna. Mitra has four arms, and comes with the sun and a chariot.

Rudra, (Shiva) the god of violence, destruction, disease, and death.  You know him because he has a Trident in the right lower arm, with a crescent moon on his head. He has aid to be fair like camphor or like an ice clad mountain. He has fire and Damaru and Mala or a kind of weapon. He wears five serpents as ornaments and a garland of skulls. He presses with his feet the demon Muyalaka, a dwarf holding a cobra. He always faces south.

Soma, (Chandra) the god of the moon, the god of the intoxicating juices consumed in ritual.