Monday, October 15, 2012

why voting now

after a discussion with my phi 2010 classes: 
the charge that "both parties are the same" is true only in general. let's understand where we live: america is a center leaning nation, it moves left and/or right depending the time and issues. political parties have to respond and accommodate to this fact. even as the process has been partly co-opted by special interests, change is always possible. it happens daily, and our history proves it. the idea you have of the place you want to be in is the ideal to fight for. it may get close as some issues win. you cannot achieve all you want at once. then what? without the struggle for justice you would have no reasons to fight in the first place. if the world is determined in advance there is no transformation and no place for political struggle.
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Marisabel Lavastida said...

I agree that it is important to participate in a democracy which does not only mean showing up every four years to vote for someone. You are very right in poiting out that acheiving democarcy in a nation should not be the ultimate indicator of a nation's success. The reason for this is the "dictatorship of the majority" which can be a dangerous thing. People activiely vote for oppression because of their fears (fear of making a mistake in running their own lives or the fear that was sold to them at a good price). I understand when my peers say that they dont want to vote for the puppet of the left nor the puppet of the right. What I do not understand is that if they have so much conviction about the broken system and not wanting to be a part of it, then what steps are they taking in order to fix it? Why is it easy to boycott a corporate election but call others extreme for boycotting corporations. Fine, don't vote. But participate in our democracy beyond voting and work on changing the system all year around so then one day your vote will count. That is the only way I'll somewhat accept the apathy shown in not voting. I still do not think it is the best way because although I know all too well that both Obama and Romney are engaged in a very dangerous theatre to some extent, we have to fight the system from every angle. Since politicians are more concerned with "winning" and engaging in politics (not governing)they are easily bought off by not just money but by demographics that will vote for them. So as the youth, if we do not use our voices via vote then they will not adopt any of the platforms that are important to us. Vote; but do not think that is the only part of the democratic process(which can never be abandoned by us b/c it will be corrupted) but also organize, take to the streets, inform, vote with your dollar and yell like I did in rallies during Occupy "THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!"

atRifF said...

What I do not understand is that if they have so much conviction about the broken system and not wanting to be a part of it, then what steps are they taking in order to fix it?

excellent point marisabel.

Marcicqim said...

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