Monday, October 27, 2014

what to do about india?

we had a heated discussion last thursday. anton kept coming back at his idée fix: what to do about india?

the question rubbed some people in the class the wrong way. anton's relentless persistence seemed a form of ego-trip.

but india is part of the ONE, and we are part of the ONE. we shouldn't pretend india doesn't exist. we are an individualistic society. we've had a history of political isolationism.  if we all care for what is close to us. isn't that an excuse to inaction? of course not.

helping india is helping the ONE. helping west africa, syria, sudan needs is helping INDIA. helping our homeless and our poor right here in miami is helping the ONE.

in oneness/language india is really not that far. this is where epictetus comes in with his advice of doing what is most immediate to each one of us. there was a passionate argument from angie and destiny in this regard.

what ifs "close" is too comfy?

but speaking in onenes/language, geographical distance is relative. india as near as our own backyard.

how come?

oneness cannot be segregated.

yet, anton may rejoin: "if each part is as valid for the constitution of the whole, the oneness may present --as valid-- an appeal for india proper, over our own backyard."

& in the end this point is also valid. no one can disown it. the only exception being that doing your dharma here, in liberty city or little haiti or little havana, is as valid.

from oneness we get pluralism: there is no one exclusive path in the ONE. as the gita counsels:

As people approach me, so I receive them. All paths lead to me.


have the courage to do what you need to do.

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