Thursday, September 26, 2013

problematizing anthropocentrism

we are humans. we think like humans. but that doesn't mean we shouldn't problematize our thinking as. the problem is not thinking as humans, that's what we are. rather the problem is to be blind to subterranean ideologies. the "centric" in anthropocentric is the exclusiveness of the "human" species, being the top of the ladder, being the best evolved, etc, etc.

what is the negotiation between human & non-human?

1- from the outside: in jainism (or yoga) all is ONE. you don't see the ant as non-human but as ONE.
2- from the inside: anthropomorphic intentionality (an empathy business), whereby I see the ant as me-being-an-ant.

so, anthropomorphism can actually help de-centering. on the other hand it's naive to suppose we can actually become centered-less (this thought doesn't come from anthropocentrism), it comes from a critical stance to blind-spot values.

blind spots are actually closet "moments" where we pretend to ourselves be outside it.