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NIYAMSARA (the sacred book of Jainism)

NIYAMSARA is the sacred book of the Jainas


1. Bowing to Vira Jina, who, by nature is the possessor of infinite and supreme knowledge and conation; I shall compose Niyama-Sara, preached by Kevalis and the Shruta- Kevalis. Shri Kunda-Kunda Acharya renders homage to the last of the twenty-four Thirthankaras, Lord Mahavira, who also called Vira, and enshrines Hi to his heart for the purification of his thoughts; so that he may be able to fulfil his undertaking successfully. Further, the Acharya express it emphatically that whatever he will write will not be his own independet teching, but will be fully based upon the authoritative pronouncement of Kevalis and Shruta-Kevali.
2. In the Jaina Scriptures, the Path and the Fruit of the Path are described as the two parts. The means of liberation constitute the Path, and liberation is the Fruit.
3. What is in reality worth doing (is) Niyama, and that is belief, knowledge, and conduct. In order to avoid deflection the word Sara has been particularly affixed to it.
4. Niyama (is) the way to liberation; its fruit is supreme Nirvana. Each of these, is again described. 5. Belief in the Perfect Souls, the Scriptures and the Principles is Right Belief. He who is free from all defects and is possessed of all (pure) attributes is the supreme source.
 6. (The defect are) hunger, fear, anger, attachment, delusion, anxiety, old age, disease, death, perspiration, fatigue, pride, indulgence, surprise, sleep, birth, and restlessness.
 7. One free from all defects and possessed of sublime grandeur such as Omniscience is called Parmâtmâ (the Highest Soul) or the Perfect One. One who is not such, (is) not Parmatma .
 8. Words proceeding from his mouth, pure and free from the flaw of inconsistency are called Âgama (Scripture.) In that Âgama the principles (Tattvartha) are enunciated.

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