Thursday, October 27, 2016

next week: dhammapada (suggested edition)

the dhammapada

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Anonymous said...

To harm live beings
Who, like us, seek contentment,
Is to bring harm to ourselves.

I guess it was early in the course, that Professor talked about not harming animals like ants or roaches. I didn’t realize that it was in the Dhammapada. My first instinct so far, was to kill a roach, as soon as I see one. I’m afraid of them, and I find them disgusting. I am not afraid of ants, but I used to harm them, if they were “bothering” me. But, since that day, even though, my first instinct is still to harm them, all what I hear in my head is professor’s voice: “DON’T KILL THEM! It’s so difficult to step back, and see “them” with this different approach. It is amazing how something so simple is so full of logic.

Elena Murga