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Photo by Brice Bischoff, via Juxtapoz

My dear friends of Phi2070: There is a lot to talk about. Tao, wu-wei, cycles, female, duck-rabbit. Then there is TAOW & its weird strategies for battle.  

See you Tuesday with the last theme of this semester: ZEN.

Now, go ahead!


DGSA said...

Go to this link to see image:

[I tried to post the image here several times but it didn't work]

"Ceci n'est pas une pipe"

Well, hello there! (:

About a year ago or so, a friend and I discovered this image by Rene Magritte who is a surrealist artist. While I was reading through the blog, I read about the rectification of names idea which is to use language in accordance with the truth of things.

It clearly states that things should be called by their names. For example: Mother, son or friend are all the names of relationships and the people carrying these names must fulfill their duties.

So Magritte's painting came to my mind and I came up with this random analogy.

I still remember the first time I saw the image. My friend asked, what is that? and I said: “A pipe.”

Most people will call it "a pipe" because the structure reminds us of a pipe but it is not “a pipe” and should not be called that way.

It is -an image of a pipe- which is exactly why "This is not a pipe" is written in Magritte's painting.

The image can't be picked up and stuffed so by calling it "a pipe" it will not be able to fulfill its duties.

The title This is not a pipe is fulfilling its duty of letting me know it's not an actual pipe, but just an image.

As we can see, names are -very- important.

*The word -name- fulfills its duty to specify what it is we are seeing or feeling.

Overall, this also shows how reality can be tricked by visual representation just like the -duck-rabbit image. Notice how I stated that it's -an image-

I think it should be called Your eyes betray you because that title will indeed fulfill its duty.

“Our senses in many cases bear witness to the truth of each other's report concerning the existence of sensible things without us” ("An Essay Concerning Human Understanding", Book IV, Chapter XI).

Danney Salvatierra

A.T. said...

here it is

Great point Danney!

Rosa Villa said...

Our conceptual blindness –our inability to see one or more aspects of what is in front of us, is psychologically perplexing to me! (Being only able to see the duck and not the rabbit). This brings to mind the black and white drawing of an ambiguously young/old woman:

In this figure, it is possible to see either a young woman or an old Russian type with her head scarf and Jewish profile. Upon examination, it is hard to identify in detail what all of the different components represent in detail. Nose, hat, feather, ear, etc. are identifiable...but you're mind seems to be imposing these interpretations on the drawing rather than being compelled by the perceptual evidence.

Perhaps what this is getting to is that not everyone can see or acquire every facet of every concept –whether visual, physical, auditory, gustatory, limit of thought, etc… (our senses are meant to deceive us). Our preconceived interpretations/bias of what should and should not be there is what causes this sightlessness –making us prone to multiple errors.

As Confucius/Professor Triff would put it: we must learn to see behind the veil of li, approach reality with new spectacles /prescription and avoid deceit.

FacundoRaganato said...

Oh yeah, sure, it's very easy to say it, but to do it?

If the drawing does not tell you that there is a young lady and an old woman, would you see it for yourself? Probably not, you would see whatever you wanna see because we are deceived by what we wanna see.
The fucking ego...

I see a picture, travel through time and space in my present and when I see the picture again I see something different, the veil is gone, but there's another veil which will unveiled when I see her again.
There's always a veil, the fucking ego...

FacundoRaganato said...

Danney, I had to digest your post cuz it's very intense :)

Check out a similar example:

We planned an event called "Art of the Curious" where a group of artists would walk around with their paintings and observe how people react to them. The one you see in the picture was the one I carried around, and it surely brought out a lot of smiles :)

I came upon three girls who said "This is definitely art"
"Oh really?" I said "What if it said 'This is not art,' would it be art?"
They said yes
"What if it said 'HOTDOGS 3.99'? Would it be art?"
And they said yes...

So is it art? is it a pipe? those are words that label upon something, we can define it and make all the world agree with it, but it's all relative. The essence of things defines and makes up the words for it, the words do not define the essence of things.

My little sister Sofia said "This is not art cause it's not really expressing something as True art would do." and I agree with her; however, with the fact that it is not expressing something as True art does, it's saying something else, then it is expressing something, so it is art when you say that is not art, and viceversa.

My father said "It's expressing that everything is art." If everything is art, then nothing is art, if that is the case then art does not exist.

The quote is beautiful Danney :)

DGSA said...

Facu, yours was equally intense!

Well, my analogy was created mainly from the Confucius perspective of names and duty fulfillment, aside from the essence of things, but for the sake of amusement, I'm going to ask some questions [typical me!] So what if I want to call it a pipe? Will the –essence- of the picture change?

If I were to revise your post as an essay, your thesis will be: "The essence of things defines and makes up the words for it, the words do not define the essence of things."

Let's try to connect Magritte's painting with the example of your small conversation with those girls about your picture [when the girls said it will still be art]

As I've said on my previous post, the title This is not a pipe fulfills its duty of letting me know it's not an actual pipe. Now, what if the title was This is a pipe? Would it still –not- be a pipe?

The title wouldn't be accurate [unfulfilled duty] but it will still NOT be a pipe [won't lose its essence] and -THAT- will make your point of -essence- a valid one.

However, the way we perceive the -essence- of things can change.

The way I perceive the essence of Magritte's painting will change if the painting is called This is a pipe

*Magritte will have to create a damn good explanation of why it is called "This is a pipe" and that will give the painting a new essence.

The essence of your picture will be a different one if the title is This is not art

The girls will say: "This is definitely not art" and you will ask: "What if it said -This is art- Would it be art?" and they will say -no- because the -essence- or better said -the way they perceive the essence- is not the same due to the picture's title.

We should probably not ask -what if- but -what is it- instead. -What if- won't change the essence but -what is it- will give me the right essence due to the title.

Perhaps we can't have one without the other.

Thanks Facu for giving me more to think about!

I clearly see your point about -essence- but we have to admit, names play a HUGE role on the way we perceive the -essence- of things.

About the quote, yes it is! I highly recommend the book (:

Danney Salvatierra

Michael Becke said...

"However, the way we perceive the -essence- of things can change."
"the words do not define the essence of things."
These two quotes, thus far, I believe are the strongest points of this post. I feel that perception whether we are able to define it or not is the most valuable part to being individual.
Words may be meaningless if observed in another manner. Does essence define itself or does one word define the essence? I am compelled to neither, for our perception should evidently be prioritized. Many words define its own duty, but who defines the word or essence and being of such. Our individual perception of each word and essence can create new definition. We must write our own dictionary and define our own words. I believe if we are unable to call out what we clearly see as a "pipe," then our duty will be lost.

As for the idea of seeing with new spectacles, can this radical change submit you to the belief of something that never was(of course in your own perception). And, if so, what makes this correct or even better. Every time we witness an aspect, an essence, a word or even the lack there of our perception will submit to change. However, some things are viewed better at their first glimpse.

I would rather realize this role of name-calling "duty-giving" and break free from this pre-determined indisputable constant than live forever as a follower of language that may not convey what I am trying to have others perceive.

僊 (Xian) said...

Last post, huh? Well, I'm going to meditate on what to write to make it "special". For now though, I thought I'd leave you with the following video link. The topics we covered in class influenced me quite a bit and for some reason they reminded me about this song. Interpret it however you wish, after all, that's what philosophy seems to be for, interpreting the world around us and our own existence. Be back soon.

DGSA said...
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DGSA said...

Interesting video Xian!

For some reason it reminded me of this song by Flobots called "Handlebars"

I read this on the comment section below the video:

"When thinking of the moral to this's much more of a simple and fantastic meaning then; we as humans are capable of almost anything, from simple things to complex fantastic things, but this freedom, this ability has a dark side, humans can do the greatest things....but they can also do the worst."


The song also made me think of Confucius's idea of moral perfection.


Enjoy! (:

Danney Salvatierra

FacundoRaganato said...

Danney, you blew my mind! I gotta go search of it again :)

First of all, I just wanna say that it's hilarious that we are philosophizing with a pipe :P that image is very intense and,of course, it influenced me to paint "This is Art"

I agree with what you said Danney, "We should probably not ask -what if- but -what is it- instead."
but yes, as you said, also, we need both to progress, we need the Duck and the Rabbit :P

Michael those quotes are essentially powerful in their essence BECAUSE of their words, kudos on your post man, you brought some great ideas! :)

"As for the idea of seeing with new spectacles, can this radical change submit you to the belief of something that never was(of course in your own perception)"

How deep, of course, everything is how it never was! even those things that you see and are; they are in now in a way that never were :O Do we use new spectacles every time we notice its present uniqueness?

I too can't believe it's the last post, Xian, so lets enjoy it's present! :)
And awesome link, I think we are on the same page:


If it doesn't work:

Anonymous said...

Ah! Where does one begin? So much to be said. Danny, I like how you started off the discussion and for now I will state several things.

We create our experience of the world through the perspectives that we choose to hold and we have the power to change those very perspectives.

I have this monumental appreciation for words but I can't say they rub me well all the times as they weld chains... and in the process of the welding if one is not careful to protect ones eyes it may distort ones sight that may lead to limited understanding which hinders the possibility of obtaining the fullness thereof many times. Hindering the mind from reaching the mind perhaps? But here we are writing as if what we have to share is somehow absolute and what we see is such that it is the truth.

As for art... who is to say what it is or what it is not? Art is not validated by the actual piece itself, what it is known to resemble and what is said about it but also by the feeling it conjures which isn't always describable... Sometimes a feeling is indescribable (in the English Language at least).

Other times there are words that is generally used to (attempt) to convey a feeling but we know that the word as it is defined is not the word. The examples that come to mind are... Love and meditation. As for love, even though there is an assigned meaning to the word the question "What is love?" is asked frequently merely because the meaning doesn't embody the feeling it is assigned to. When I am asked the question I reply with "Love just is..." which still doesn't help because love is then defined from that individual's perspective which may be a little different from what I may have intend. Meditation... here is another word that by definition fails to correctly convey what it is attempting to describe. Not sure there is any word in the English Language that parallels the essence that is to be embodied in that regard.

And even though I enjoyed everyone's ideas... reading Danny's and Facundo's ideas had this massaging effect on my thoughts. But what of the birth mothers that aren't very 'motherly'? And an individual who has a warped idea of what being a friend is? The names are still used, but the essence is lacking. Can we say a mother who isn't motherly is a mother? Well not that I expect you to answer that per say but I'm just trying to bring to the forefront that what is and is not lies within not in external words.

And by the way... I'm not wondering if the piece est une pipe ou n'est pas pipe parce que... Je vois un elephant. How can anyone not see that big trunk eh? :)

♪♫ Doo.. hoo~ dah~ pap
dadadadee ♫ da dee dap dap
Doo.. hooo ~ ♪♪hoo hooo da pap ♪♫♫

Monique W.

Anonymous said...

seeing as this is the last post I have been contemplating what to thoughts to share with you guys and so far i have half an incomplete idea which i'll probably figure out after a few hours of Asian music, but i do want to follow the chain of music videos so far this is a i live version of a song from a Japanese band called Dir en Grey that i feel embodies a little bit of everything that we have talked about in class. There are a bunch of songs from this band that i feel connect with at least one discussion we've had but I can't connect them yet.
here is the link to the video:
and here is the link for the translated lyrics:

Ernesto Monge

A.T. said...

But what of the birth mothers that aren't very 'motherly'?

DGSA said...

"...and an individual who has a warped idea of what being a friend is? The names are still used, but the essence is lacking."

Great point Monique! (:

DGSA said...

‎"My heart burns like fire but my eyes are as cold as dead ashes." -Soyen Shaku, a Zen teacher.

I just want to write a small comment about this phrase. [I was going to say it in class but we moved on to something else]

I sort of relate the quote to falling in love. When we see somebody attractive, our eyes can be cold as dead ashes. We immediately say: "He/she is beautiful" but what if their hearts don't burn like fire? What if they have a cold heart? just like our eyes that keeps us away from seeing what beautiful really is?

Those questions ran through my mind while we read the quote.

I also wanted to share this Zen story:

If You Love, Love Openly

Twenty monks and one nun, who was named Eshun, were practicing meditation with a certain Zen master.

Eshun was very pretty even though her head was shaved and her dress plain. Several monks secretly fell in love with her. One of them wrote her a love letter, insisting upon a private meeting.

Eshun did not reply. The following day the master gave a lecture to the group, and when it was over, Eshun arose. Addressing the one who had written to her, she said: “If you really love me so much, come and embrace me now.”

Danney Salvatierra

Elizabeth said...

Here's the video i wanted to show in class...Please just dedicate sometime and watch it, embrace the message.

If it doesnt work type in on google The Elder Brothers Warning :)

Jose Brown said...

Great posts guys. In the spirit of all the Zen we've consumed I'm gonna use this last blog to share a few Quans that I wrote today after class:

River beds erode
even rocks become smooth stones
driftwood finds the sea

There is no unit
of measurement
for the amount of sense
things make

What is Zen? Zen is what.

Think thought he farted, but he really shit his pants.

What does enlightenment look like? A
wrinkled hand
a night full of stars...

The tear that laughs
from sheer warmth of the act
and ceases
to exist.

What is Dharma? Tin
jingles when wind
blows leaves to mingle.

Keep your wit sharp enough and it will cut you.

What is the name of illusion? Mara
What is the name of clarity? Rama
How do you find clarity through the illusion?

Jose Brown said...

A mind full of tree sees tree. An empty mind sees inspiration.

If a pickpocket runs into God on the street, all he sees are pockets.

Master: "Fetch me my mountain stone!"
Student: "Master, we cannot find your mountain stone."
Master: "Then fetch me the mountain!"

A.T. said...

Good job, Danney.
Jose: Nice job.

LYDIA said...

To switch gears a little I have been thinking a lot about yesterday’s class and our discussion about our duty to take care of the earth. The discussion really made me think of my dad. I remember talking to him about the problems of the world and how they seemed so insurmountable. He just looked at me and said “well, if you think that way you can’t do anything.” It made sense. I looked at the things my dad did in his life. He wouldn’t kill an animal that was eating our garden but capture and release it down the road. He recycled (this was probably 15 years ago) even though he had to drive twenty minutes to the only recycling center in town. He refused to buy bleach and made his own organic pesticides because he said he would never put chemicals into our soil. I know these aren’t exactly news worthy activities but they showed such a respect for nature. He gave me hope for the future and the knowledge that you can do something. Small or large look at one task or idea, one step at a time, and do it.

Ian said...

helloooo!!! Great posts everyone. Everyone has very interesting posts and videos.
I'd like to share my personal view on "words"

"Words are lifeless" <-Watch video^

but I question this.

If this is true then why is that quotes and koans and poems don't seem to be.

For example the koan I read in class went something like this...

One evening a thief crawled through the window (the door, as always, was unlocked, unbeknownst to the robber), but discovered that there was absolutely nothing to steal in the hut. At this point Ryokan returned from his walk and caught the thief searching the room.

He approached the thief and warmly shook his hand. The thief was so surprised. Ryokan told the prowler, "You must have come a long way to visit me, and you shouldn't leave empty-handed." Ryokan looked around the empty room, but he too couldn't find anything to give him, so he took off his only robe and handed it to the robber.
"Please, take my clothes as a gift," Ryokan said.

The thief was too astonished to say anything, and he took the robe and slunk away into the cold night. Ryokan sat naked and gazed at the full moon through the window. "Poor fellow," he mused, "I wish I could have given him this beautiful moon."

After reading this "I FEEL". Goosebumps flood my body after reading these lifeless words I FEEL more alive than before I read them.

So I question this.

Do I FEEL the lifeless words, the messege or has Ryokan actually just shown me the beautiful moon he could not share with the thief?

A.T. said...

Ian, I share your enthusiasm, and Lydia's too.

FacundoRaganato said...

Holy Molly! Ian that video was incredible, I just got another epiphany, FUCK! my head is flickering with thousands of black swans this week, how awesome :)

Monique "Can we say a mother who isn't motherly is a mother?" Yes we can say it, and even when we say it we will not say it EXACTLY how we feel about it, and those who listen will perceive it differently; that abstract concept of a mother is lost in translation, in symbols, in words. We can't grasp it EXACTLY how it is because WE made it up, and now we are questioning the symbol for which we identify it.
I see the elephant :D

Ian, "Do I FEEL the lifeless words, the message or has Ryokan actually just shown me the beautiful moon he could not share with the thief?"

The message is that you FELT the moon which he did not share :) and that message was delivered to you through lifeless words, which in a certain composition the flow of them made them alive! :D
Beaufitul whitelight moon!
Tu luz ilumina mi alma como la mujer mas hermosa rendida sobre la noche, brillando sobre las aguas de la pasion, dandole vida a la fria muerte de la oscuridad
ay mi querida luna, si puediera acariciar la palida curva de tu mejilla, si pudiera besarte y ser parte de tu luz lunar, no tendria otro anelo para seguir viviendo, por eso, mi querida luna, prefiero que endulces mis suenios cada noche desde lejos, prefiero verte inalcansable en el cielo para volverte a soñar, y tener la fe que alguna noche dormire contigo y nunca jamas despertar...]

Words are dead, just like notes on a music sheet, they're only black dotes on a paper; ART is how we bring words to life, sounds to music, colors into an image. What you feel is the "soul" of the artist when he compose the work of art for you to feel THROUGH those black dotes when music is playing, when poetry is read, when you see a painting.

The more I FEEL the white moon, ay mi luna querida! the easier it is for me to express it AND the easier it is for the world to perceive the "soul" of my art, in this case, about the whitelight moon! :)

The more sensitive the artist is to the world around him, the more open his mind is to feel through the world, the beautiful good things and the beautiful bad things too ;)

THIS is how we revolt! through Art! :D

DGSA said...

Ian, Waking Life is genius. Thanks for sharing! (:

"Ay mi querida luna, si puediera acariciar la palida curva de tu mejilla, si pudiera besarte y ser parte de tu luz lunar, no tendria otro anelo para seguir viviendo, por eso, mi querida luna, prefiero que endulces mis suenios cada noche desde lejos, prefiero verte inalcansable en el cielo para volverte a soñar, y tener la fe que alguna noche dormire contigo y nunca jamas despertar."

No tengo palabras para expresar lo que senti al leer ese hermoso poema Facu.

Let's all talk to the moon tonight!

Danney Salvatierra

僊 (Xian) said...

Normally when I post a comment I try to get a feel for how the thread is going, absorb it as best I can, attempt to process the issue being address, and then organize what I will write. I figured I try something unique this time, since its the last post, and "free verse" it. Just start to type down what comes to me at the immediate moment as I look over all these topics we’ve covered. I feel that over the past few weeks I began to see these concepts come into play and influence the energy of our class discussions. That simply by talking about and attempting to solidify these abstractions (like Tao, T’ien, Sacrifice, Wu-wie, etc.), we started to become them. I saw the ebb and flow of energy shifts amongst individual students and that of the entire class. It all looked like a shifting piece of still art. Like, as the class grew and adjusted itself, it also seemed to maintain a constant, stable stillness. Unanimity. Tao. Zen. This was no more evident in how some students changed their seating arrangements throughout the semester. The class still looked the same, same faces, but it was arranged different. Is this not living art? (Or art that is alive?) Of course it is. If feel that is what the great artists achieve with their works, present the moments in which they can catch Life at is richest, purest.
I can continue writing and see where I can trail off to, but I feel that it would be best appropriate (and more FUN!!!) to end this post with a song that helped me “solidify” this fleeting entity/organism/moment enough to recognize that I was also a part of….. Earlier I left the link to a video, that I admit, may have been somewhat dark in tone. Well, I believe this following video brings a lighter tone, a sweeter flavor, and in turn can balances out the tone of the previous one, and therefore contributes to the Balance, the harmony. To T’ien, to Zen, to the Tao.
I hope you can all enjoy this song, as I was able to enjoy the tune each of you played.

僊 (Xian) said...

It's rather obvious that I did "free verse" my previous comment with the few grammatical errors I made, but try to just go with it. Wu-wei. LOL

emily said...

Quite honestly, I feel like I am pretty far from Zen at the moment. It's an odd experience, reading such enthusiastic posts by students who apparently feel so propelled and inspired by Zen. I myself remain a cynic at the moment. I am not going to wait for the time to pass when I feel less pessimistic. I feel like it is dishonest to wait until I am in a better mood to post a happy zen comment. My statement, therefore is this: not zen.

I do not reject Zen.
I accept that I am not ready for it.
I cannot stop problematizing, speculating, and questioning long enough to step into zen.
I expect that I will.
And by the time that happens, it may no longer be called "zen" in my mind.
Perhaps it will be called "love", "contentment".... or "retirement".
But perhaps words really are dead.
And the definition of "Zen" will exist for me as a moment. A moment of being, awareness, presence.

That is what I hope for.

LYDIA said...

The amount of insight and articulation put into each post is so impressive! Facundo your poem about the woman and the moon was beautiful! Danney, your first post about the pipe I had to read like three times! Emily, I love your honesty, Xian your freedom.

I’m starting to feel a twang of sentimentality now that this six-week journey is coming to an end. I’ve never been in a class surrounded by such brilliance. Eastern philosophy has taught me that things can be perceived and cultivated in so many ways. I don’t remember if some one said this or it was written but it was something like if you have an answer, you know there is at least one other option. Things are not finite. Is it duck? Or is it rabbit? For so long I thought there were only a few paths. . . there are so many . . . or maybe there are none at all. Can we define our exhistence and growth in a confined journey? This class has taught me I have a lot to learn (xue), to be open and excepting of that. Be the fool. I want to be more mindful, and cultivate my speech (Yan ren), because heaven (t'ien) is right here.

In the spirit of all the amazing songs and videos. One song came to mind in class yesterday . . .

Nobody Told Me

. . . and this just seemed fitting for a finale . . .

The Masterplan

Chrisss said...

Greeting Philosophers,
All this Zen talk in class has truly motivated me to not listen. No guys, I am not disrespecting your opinion in any way, on the other hand I am giving it the upmost respect; by not touching it. See all of us were very fierce in our commentary about this “feeling”, but by trying to show the inexperienced this experience, it has been polluted. I usually tend to laugh when Emily, and others cringe at the fact that there is no foundation to what we are talking about, better yet, is it even real? The best thing I can tell Emily and others that want to problematize and know the technicalities of all maybe should consider that the curtains are just blue. The more we try to unravel the encrypted code of what life’s true mystery really is , that’s more time given to the unknown ; the never-ending. Let the world speak to you. If it tells you something, fulfill it for self-gratifying enlightenment. Let’s not all depend on changing the world of others, but better yet better the world that your soul lives in. Fix your heaven; polish your gates, because soon the key will be thrown away. Its direction fogged with maya.

Melissa grafton said...

The other day, I meditated. Yep. Me, I meditated. Well at least I think I did. I have to admit something, I smoked mango kush. I never smoke. But I did and as a result I'm pretty sure I meditated. My mind was running so fast, I had a million thoughts at once, then, all of a sudden, my mind went blank. And I just didn't think about anything. I saw pictures, colors, faces and even sounds. But I didn't think about them, they just were. Soon after, I came out of my meditative state and I thought of all of you and how I couldn't wait to share my experience.

I feel as if I had an out of body experience. I was talking in silence, being a fool and doing nothing. Zen.

Anonymous said...

Emily, thank you. I can completely agree with you. I am far from Zen. When we read the story of the monk giving his clothes to the thief and then thinking he wish he could've given him the moon, I don't see it. It just doesn't click. And I know its a lot more than that but I cannot get that idea.

Last class we talked about our society and the corporations. I found this image and I thought it was appropriate.

I was thinking in class, yeah we are the minorty that thinks about these issues but we're also the majority in not doing anything about it. We complain and thats were it ends. I put myself in this majority, so what can we do? and will we practice what we preach? Thats were dharma comes in. Now more than ever things are going to change, if we like it or not.

Also if any of you are interested in getting involed with enviromental issues on campus, theres a Youth for Environmental Sustainability club. email me @ for more information.

Thanks, GL on the final!

Timothy said...

Hello, first of all, thank you professor for this summer class. I learned a lot, thanks to you and the others in the class. And i will definitely save my notes.

I think that our embeddedness is crazy. every past event leads to one precise moment and yet we feel completely free when choosing an action or another. We inherit everything from the world and then we add to it. So the same thing can never happen twice. and we cannot perceive the same thing the same way twice. I think that whether you see a duck or a rabbit is not up to you completely because it has to take into account the natural environment and social norms but then it is up to us to interpret what we perceive. Charles Taylor defined humans as “self-interpreting animals”. i really like the idea because we seem to be animals until we construct an interpretation. So in the end the interpretation is constitutive of the interpreter but also of the natural and social properties that are predicated of us.

Jaii Smiles said...

This has been a very interesting class, so much learned and so much more to learn I wish the class was 16 weeks instead of six.
Talking silence (Dogen):
"Avoid unnecessary words.
Speak with your mind.
Read people’s minds.
So this is what I like... Talking silence. It reminds me of a movie that I watch called "Piano" The first thing you hear in the movie is "the voice you hear is not my speaking voice it’s my minds voice" Avoid unesscesary Words are nothing that one can do without my opinion at least. So often the first thing that pops into your head isn't the best thing to say. Yet it comes out anyways.
"Zen emphasizes experiential Wisdom in the attainment of enlightenment" Although I know the definition of Zen I don't understand it fully. I feel as though I'm far from enlightenment . My classmates seem to be there, makes me wonder what I missed in the class that everyone else got.

僊 (Xian) said...

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL....... GREAT POSTS, "gods and goddesses"!!!! Seriously. Abolutely DELICIOUS!!! Which delights me and when I'm delighted I laugh. Everyone should just laugh more often. Just laugh for the f*** of it!!! Because it feels good and it's the safest "drug". Pure Joy! I loved the variety and mixture of emotions from each and everyone one of you! Seeing the class evolve over the past six weeks was like being able to see an ancient civilaztion develop over hundreds of years in such a short fragment of Time. Wish you wonderful people the courage to go as far as you have to go in order to experience Life's most richest moments. Because our lives are simply brief, blinking moments in the vastness of Eternity. =)

DGSA said...



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I still check this amazing blog!

Thanks for sharing Ernesto (:

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