Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The simple way of Hun-Tzu

I'm going to take 4 points by Hun-Tzu:

1- Nature = T'ien, constant, regular, exact.

Here T'ien is not the people. Is an ideal. A sort of "thing in itself" that makes itself visible and yet, remains hidden. Let T'ien speak. Listen to its inner rhythm.

T'ien follows PSR, what happens is the best possible world. How does T'ien operate?

T'ien (T) acts without effort. It just emerges from things to show us the way. How? Poetically.

"To accomplish without any action, to obtain without any effort."

2- Rectification of names: "Names don't have correctness on their own. Their meaning depends from convention."

"Rules have a place, but they don't unveil the truth."

3- "The nature of man is evil. His goodness is the result of his activities." Men are animals (no pun intended).

4- Realization: "Any man in the street can become chun-tzu, but it doesn't follow that everyman is able to do so."