Friday, June 17, 2011

Your koans


Jonathan Montesino said...

Like a puppy crying its first night at home,
Do not forget to loudly express how you really feel.
Someone out there truly cares about how you feel and needs to feel your feeling to also feel.
You must know how to feel to know how to love.

Jonathan Montesino

DGSA said...
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DGSA said...

Try walking without legs
Try seeing without eyes
Try listening without ears
Try loving, without a heart.

Hello everyone,

I'm here at the library trying to study for this Nutrition exam but I can't concentrate. I have all these thoughts running through my head and I want to share them.

I can't even explain how thankful I am for the class.

Meeting all of you was an amazing experience. ATriff, having you as a professor never ceases to amaze me. You have this passion for philosophy and you transmit that to others.

Every single person in the class has so much passion, its contagious!

I'm thankful for many reasons but the most important one is...I've been dealing with some personal issues for the past few months, and every single time I got out of the class, I did it with a BIG SMILE on my face. My day would suddenly get better.

I must confess, at the beginning it was hard to open up towards certain concepts. I'd feel a bit uncomfortable and then I realized that I was stopping myself from reaching understanding, and knowledge.

I decided to just let go and here I am, writing this.

Thank you all.

Now I can go back to studying (:

See you tomorrow!

Danney Salvatierra

LYDIA said...

“A small dog was playing on some railroad tracks. A chugging train sped by cutting off the dog’s tail. Astonished the dog whipped around hoping to witness the act, instead the train took his head off.”
Concerned he asked “But if she has no teeth how is she still eating solid food?”
Is flexibility perplexing?
Journey On
Orchid’s stalking
Sage, rosemary, and mint
Drip, drip, drip
Broken, blue tiles

One final song. Writing my koans yesterday these lyrics kept coming to mind. . .

FacundoRaganato said...

There is so much to say about this class, from which I kinda fell in love with, that I'm just gonna leave my koan and let the silence say everything.

Still, as Triff said, now that the class is over, let's be friends!

See you tomorrow! :D

"Master, how can I breathe with the breeze and the trees; how can I listen to the world; get in tune with nature; how can I connect to those around me; get to know my true Self; live in harmony with the universe; be in love... Master, how can I be zen?"
And the Master said: "


Anonymous said...

"He has given you him... always and never"

Thank you everyone, for you...

Christopher Jitta

Michael Becke said...

Life can be.


Limitless time to appreciate

That which we are blind to.

Triff, thank you for an amazing experience, I am sure that there will be countless people walking into your class because of my recommendation.

And thank all other students for sharing. There were moments in that class that I will surely remember for the rest of my life.

Chrisss said...

For the vulture comes when silence rises.
Vultures come for the decaying carcass.

Rosa Villa said...

Like the unfettered
wave strikes
then erodes the rock
so does the self erode
when flooded with
the chaos of noise

Jose Brown said...

Think thought he farted, but he really shit his pants.

Elizabeth said...

Through the red burning fire
I see you...

Ernesto said...

Hi guys I had an awesome time at the party yesterday and it was really nice talking to everyone it was great. I have set up a blog for my upcoming possible trip to china. This is the link to my blog so follow me and i will keep you guys updated and we can chat or talk about why duck-rabbit will be a huge part of our lives from now on.

Ernesto said...

I know this class has already ended but yesterday in the morning i was watching the history channel and they were talking about Confucius' analects and his life and there is one koan (gong'an in mandarin) i wanna share from him "A man eating tiger is better than an oppressive government."